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babyv_lims's Journal

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ABOUT ; What is LIMS? Lims is simply a contest where participants enter the challenges each week. So, every week I will post ONE photo of Baby V, whether it's caps, photoshoots etc. Participants will be asked to enter 1 icon per week. Once all participants have sent in their icons, a voting post will be up. You will have to vote for which 2 icons you hate & 1 have you love. As the weeks go by, participants will be eliminated depending on the outcome of the vote until there is only one icon maker left standing!

RULES ; 001. You must join the community before signing up.
002. Sign up at this post, using the code phrase "never meant to hurt you" along with your username =]. If you do note use the code word I will ignore your post.
003. Icons must be in before the deadline or you will be eliminated.
004. 100x100 icons only.
005. Icons MUST be made anonymous until after the voting.
006. Brushes, text, stock photos etc are allowed.
007. Animations are allowed.
008. Please use just the provided picture.
009. Do not vote for your own icon.
010. Please do not post the icon anywhere until after voting is over.

AFFILITATES ; What to be an affilitate? Post your journal/community name here
x_contrived, easthigh_lims, p3_lims, gilmore_lims, finallyxfound, disneychannel, disneych_lims, ashleyt_lims, duffichallenge, whatever_stuff, chad_challenge, mkaicontest, be_every_color, foolishgames, everythinglims, duo_lims

Listed @ The LIMS Listing

; Sunday/Monday: Challenge goes up
Wednesday: Reminder is posted, along with missing entries
Friday: Deadline for all entries.
Friday/Saturday: Voting is posted
Sunday: Voting ends; winners and disqualified icons are posted along with tallies..

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